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Below are the best casino customer support teams of 2018.


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Most players think that customer service doesn’t mean anything in terms of rating a popular online casino. If the odds are good and the payouts are speedy, then there are usually not too many reasons to pick up the phone and call them in the first place; but things do happen over time that may throw you for a loop. For example, if you spotted another player that was cheating at your table, then suddenly customer service would seem like the most important thing in the world.

Fear not though, because the best casino support teams are at work twenty-four hours per day to ensure that this type of scenario never happens on their watch. In fact, many of the top online gaming websites have never had a single claim of cheating or some type of outside manipulation inside their casino because the staff; customer service is really everything inside the gaming industry. Here are four reasons to limit your bets at online casino with best customer service, plus how to tell the quality of the staff at each online casino in minutes.

1) Customer Dedication

Think about all of your favorite businesses in the world…and it does not matter what industries they are in. It could be certain restaurants, electronic stores, airports, or even specialty shops…it makes no difference. Next, think about why you prefer shopping there over other places that sell the same products, and do not kid yourself and say it is because of the price. Almost every successful business in the world is based on making their customers happy and satisfying their needs, which is why we spend our money at some places over others. Our favorites simply do it better than everyone else around us.

The world of online casinos is absolutely no different. A quality establishment will make it very easy to find things like overall payouts, ways to speed up withdrawals, or who to ask when something goes wrong. Usually, an online casino with best customer service will go out of their way to ensure that you will not have to pick up the phone or send an email to figure out how to place a wager or to collect on a bonus because someone working there has already anticipated your needs.

2) Ease of Contact

Let’s get back to your favorite businesses again in the real world; what happens when there is a problem? If the business handles the situation poorly, then there’s a good chance that you will decide to find somewhere else to spend your hard earned money. Every successful business owner knows that providing customers a clear way to point out problems is a key in keeping customers happy, so they go out of their way to make sure that no buyer walks away angry or empty-handed.

For online institutions with the best casino support teams, this means that their website has to be filled with easy to access information that will answer almost any question. If their FAQ section is written poorly then that’s a good indication that it is not a repeatable company. Another huge aspect is providing plenty of options when it comes to contacting a live person; an online casino with best customer service will have contact options for phone, email, or instant chat.

3) Speedy Deposits and Payouts

Imagine if you deposited money into your regular banking account on a Monday, then on Wednesday of the same week the bank said that you’ll have to wait 4-6 weeks in order to make a withdrawal. We’re guessing that you would close that checking account so quickly that the teller wouldn’t know what was happening…and that’s before you stormed the manager’s office and demanded every penny of your money. Now, picture the same thing happening inside a restaurant…imagine if the waitress said that she couldn’t take your order for several hours and she had no idea when you’d actually get your meal. How fast would you walk out the door?

Problems like that are why the best casino support teams make transferring money as simple as possible. They will have all of the variables worked out beforehand so all that’s left to do is to move your money wherever it needs to go; whether it is to a certain table or back into your bank account. Never deal with a casino that does not have near instant deposits and withdrawals.

4) Proven Success

One last thing to look for in a business is a little bit of a history. For example, if a vendor walked up to your home selling fine jewelry and electronics, most of us would assume that the goods were stolen or counterfeit. When a business that you’re not familiar with makes a mistake and says, “This has never happened before….please try us again,” the odds of any of us going back are slim. If it happened somewhere that millions of people have shopped at for years, then the situation is completely different.

Many online casinos with best customer service realize that being legitimate with a proven track record is a big factor in bringing in customers. Places like WinPalace, Rushmore Online, and Sportsbook Casino have been industry leaders in online customer service for almost a decade now, which is why we talk favorably about them in almost every single one of our articles.

While many younger players will claim that places like Rome Casino, 7Red, and Casino Titan are better because they are new with amazing graphics, only time will tell if they are truly as great as they seem. Each of them has great customer service today, but it’s entirely different when comparing them to casinos that have been providing that level of customer satisfactions for eight, ten, or even fifteen years.

More Context On Optimal Support

The quality of an online casino’s support team isn’t something you’ll think about a lot. But when you need customer service, you’ll really appreciate it when they turn out to be helpful, polite, and knowledgeable. Conversely, a bad customer service team can just make your headache worse.

Customer service is often an overlooked part of choosing an online casino. Like with most things, players tend to expect that things will go smoothly while they play at a gambling site; if that’s true (and to be fair, it usually is), then even the worst support team probably won’t ruin your casino experience.

But sometimes problems occur at even the best online casinos, and that’s when customer service comes into play. If you have questions about a bonus offer, can’t seem to get a game to work, or want to learn more about banking options, you’ll need to get in touch with customer support – and then you’ll really appreciate the difference between a good support team and a bad one. The difference can be pretty dramatic; we’ve seen examples of support personnel who are capable of providing detailed and personalized answers in multiple languages, while others only spit out stock answers in broken English.

It’s also nice when a casino site gives you plenty of options for support, so that you can choose the type of support that’s best for you. There are numerous methods available, though their availability will vary from site to site. Some of the most common support systems are as follows:

  • FAQ/Knowledge Base: Often, a casino will provide detailed information on most of the common issues you might run into right on the website. These searchable databases should usually be your first stop if you have a problem; often, you’ll be able to immediately find the answer yourself.
  • Email Support: Most sites allow you to email customer service staff. At some sites, there’s a form that you can fill out that will deliver the message to support; other sites will publish one or more email addresses you can use to direct your questions to various departments. Generally, response times range from a few hours to a day or two.
  • Phone Support: Most sites also have customer service agents waiting by the phone to help guide you through anything from downloading their software to cashing out your winnings. If you want to speak to a person in real time, calling the phone support number (which will usually be toll free) is probably the best option.
  • Live Chat: One of the coolest ways to get in touch with support is through the increasingly popular live chat features. With live chat, you can connect directly through the casino software to a customer service associate, who can talk you through whatever issues you might be dealing with. This is often the fastest way to get in touch with support personnel.

If you’re lucky, you’ll never need to contact customer support. But if you do, you’ll definitely appreciate it when a casino has a quality support team that’s available whenever you need them – or regret playing at a site that doesn’t.

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