Absolute Poker Alternatives : Workaround and Solutions 2018

Ever since the massive enforcement efforts started with the US government against online casinos, players at Absolute Poker and several other popular poker rooms have literally been thrown out of the loop on what the heck is going on. This article will briefly answer those questions and suggest some Absolute Poker alternatives.

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Will Absolute Poker return to the internet?

Right now, everything is in the hands of the US government so there is no definitive answer to that question. While the US justice system treats everyone as innocent until proven guilty inside a court of law, it may be months or even years before this particular case sees the inside of a courtroom. Since the Absolute Poker website now remains solely in the hands of the US government, it makes much more sense to choose from a site similar to Absolute Poker instead of waiting to play there again.

What happens to my deposits and account balance at Absolute Poker?

For now, all of the money located within US bank accounts is seized…meaning that Absolute Poker does not have access to it. Absolute Poker has made a statement saying that each player’s money is perfectly safe though; we will add details of when players can ask for refunds as the information becomes available.

What is the best site similar to Absolute Poker?

In all honesty, MyPokerBasics does not feel comfortable recommending just one Absolute Poker alternative or replacement because we feel that it should be up to you to decide which website has the best layouts/styles to suit your needs. Instead, here are three excellent Absolute Poker alternatives that openly accept US players. Each of them strictly adhere to all US transaction laws as well, so they can be considered permanent solutions for hardcore gambling fans.

Update following June 2011: Merge is on hiatus from the USA Market (although Lock is slated to come back in a very short time). By the time you read this, the only option for USA Players will be PokerView.com and Lock Poker. As soon as Lock Poker is accepting US players again, they will be featured in the table below. But for now, all the rooms below are on hiatus from the US market (Sportsbook, Players Only, and Lock Poker). Only Lock has shown an intention to come back however.

@ Lock Poker

Accepts US Players- Yes Newcomer Bonuses- Yes
Safe Deposit Options- Yes Loyalty Rewards- Yes
Fast Payouts- Yes

Lock Poker is a relative newcomer to the online poker world, which is why they have recently gone all-out with unprecedented bonuses and giveaways that have never been seen within this industry. In fact, right now they are giving away a 2011 WSOP Main Event seat that is valued at over $10,000…which we all know could eventually be worth millions in the hands of the right player. That’s really just the tip of the iceberg though, because it would be almost impossible to list all of the giveaways and promotions that are currently active at Lock Poker.

What really makes this website an excellent Absolute Poker alternative, however, is the way that they treat their players. The staff at Lock Poker really goes out of their way to make every single player on the website feel like a true VIP, whether it is assisting with special seating, custom tournaments, or even getting tickets for the hottest upcoming show. No other poker room has ever gone out of their way as much as this website has, which is why we suggest that you give Lock Poker a try.

@ Sportsbook Poker

Accepts US Players- Yes Newcomer Bonuses- Yes
Safe Deposit Options- Yes Loyalty Rewards- Yes
Fast Payouts- Yes

Sportsbook Poker is well regarded in the gambling community because they have displayed outstanding customer service and excellent loyalty benefits since their inception in the early 90’s. They are also the only website accepting US players that has a full casino, a sportsbook, and a highly ranked poker room all under one roof.

In terms of actual game play, Sportsbook Poker is so popular that you can expect thousands of players from all over the world to be on the website 24/7; with new tables opening up every few seconds. They also have excellent tournament play for gamblers of all skill levels so this is an excellent overall Absolute Poker replacement.

@ Players Only

Accepts US Players- Yes Newcomer Bonuses- Yes
Safe Deposit Options- Yes Loyalty Rewards- Yes
Fast Payouts- Yes

Players Only have carved out a name for itself by building their website around the people that really matter; the players. On this website you’ll find plenty of customized options that no other poker room has to offer, and the interface really works well for novice players and professionals alike. For example, if you’re interested to find out how your opposition did in the last tournament he played in, you can not only view the overall ranking but also the actual hands and how they unfolded.

Another big plus for using Player’s Only as an Absolute Poker alternative is the sheer number of bonuses available…it is very difficult to lose on this website. They have Bad Beat Jackpots, special qualifier tournaments, incentive bonuses, loyalty rewards, and dozens of other promotions going on right now. This is not a special that they are running simply because they expect to gain new clients after the Absolute Poker fiasco, however, that’s just how they treat all of their players everyday.

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