Best Betting Mags

Even though our readers know that our website gives unparallel advice when it comes to casino reviews, VIP rewards, and strategy advice, we know that you guys and gals read plenty of other literature when it comes to gambling as well. Now, don’t think that we’re one of those websites that gets mad about those sorts of things; we’re probably glancing through many of the same books and magazines that you are each month. Here are our top five favorite casino magazines when it comes to becoming a smart, well-rounder gambler.

#1 Casino Player Magazine

There are a few things that we really like about Casino Player magazine; starting with their detailed strategy advice on just about every game that’s ever appeared inside a casino. Most of their articles are written by industry professionals that have ample firsthand experience on what they’re talking about as well; that type of reporting makes a massive difference and it shows throughout the magazine. Of course, we also enjoy the player interviews that provide unique insights each month as well.

#2 Strictly Slots Magazine

Professional slots players know that every single machine is different and the strategy can vary wildly from one to another; what better way to keep up with the newest slot machines than a monthly subscription? Strictly Slots goes overboard in giving their readers in-depth coverage of the slots industry with articles on strategy, money management, tutorials, and just about anything else that has to do with winning.


As you can probably guess, All IN is a monthly poker magazine and it is easily one of the best ones out there. Not only does it provide excellent tournament coverage to keep readers up to date on the WSOP and the WPT, but it also goes a lot deeper by providing insights on individual players as well. You can also expect to find plenty of strategy advice from all aspects of the game, exclusive interviews, upcoming tournament dates and a whole lot more.

#4 Casino Journal

Casino Journal is another great publication that covers just about every aspect of wagering inside your favorite Vegas casino. This title covers a little bit of everything; where the professionals are playing, which casino games carry the best overall odds, how to strengthen your game, and hundreds of other topics. Casino Journal also gives insider looks at top gamblers and executives within the industry as well.

#5 Bluff Magazine

Bluff Magazine also focuses on the world of poker and despite the title, bluffing is only one of its many featured insights. This magazine goes pretty in-depth when it comes to betting strategies, reading players, dominating the table, and understanding how to stay one step ahead of your opponents. Besides the featured editorials covering strategy, this title is also filled with insightful interviews, tournament stats, and some of the best poker information on the planet.

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