Canada Accepted MasterCard Sportsbooks

MasterCard is probably one of the most recognizable payment options in the world so it should not come as a surprise that it is also fantastic for sportsbook deposits as well. In fact, it is estimated that one in every eight people in the world possess a MasterCard or Maestro; and that’s counting children and exotic tribes out in the middle of nowhere. Here is why you should use it for your daily online sports betting.

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Making MasterCard and Sports Betting Pay

Let’s say that you decide to take your family to a NHL hockey game to watch Vancouver take on Boston. Now, we all know the Canucks will whoop up on them on an ordinary day, but stay with us here for a moment; we’re getting somewhere. So while you’re waiting for the match-up to start, let’s say that you’re waiting in line for a hot dog when you notice a couple of the arena staff members over by the employee’s entrance talking frantically. You hear one of them say that your entire Canuck team somehow ended up with the stomach bug and they might have to forfeit the game.

Well, in this type of situation you could always leave and take your family to see Harry Potter instead, but if your Canucks are not up for the fight then you might as well profit off of it. So what do you do? There’s not enough time to run to a local casino and make it before the opening face-off, and calling a bookie is just plain stupid since they never pay off anyways.

Instead, all you have to do is grab your MasterCard and head over to Bet365 on your cell phone, the world’s best online sportsbook. They offer real-time odds and they obviously do not know that your favorite team has the runs, so you can place the bet in seconds and head off to rejoin your family. In fact, you can also place several other wagers as well while you’re there; Bet365 allows you to gamble right up until the final whistle.

MasterCard Online Protection

Now, you may be thinking that using your MasterCard at an online website might be dangerous, but statistics show that you’re eight times more likely to have your credit card number stolen at a fuel station or a restaurant. Since everything is processed by MasterCard’s servers, Bet365 never even sees your full credit card number…even though you typed it in on their website. All they get is a confirmation that your payment is valid; the rest is handled by the wonders of cyberspace.

In fact, even if a criminal were somehow able to get your MasterCard over the internet, you are 100% protected against any type of theft or fraud. All you have to do is give their office a call and they’ll track down the culprit; there’s nothing else you need to do except to order a replacement MasterCard.

Bet365 and MasterCard

In case you didn’t know, Bet365 has been Canada’s premiere online sportsbook since the early 1990’s. They offer more live sports betting than any destination in cyberspace and their overall betting lines are usually a lot better than what you’d find at your local casino. They also have the highest MasterCard approval rates of any online casino/sportsbook in Canada, so your payments will always go through without a problem. Honestly, there is no better gambling combination available in cyberspace than Bet365 and MasterCard.

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