Full Tilt Rush Poker

Full Tilt Poker has come up with the next revolution in online poker with the introduction of Rush Poker. In Rush Poker, players searching for high speed poker gaming will be delighted! Expect to play up to 300 hands per hour. Rush Poker is not a game per say, but new rather a way to play existing poker games like Texas Holdem.

Since Full Tilt Rush Poker has been introduced, players have had the opportunity to skip long and boring slow hands by clicking on the “Quick Fold” button. Doing so immediately transfers you to another table to face new opponents. In essence, you can Ō±uick foldŌ anytime, even out of turn, and be transferred to a new table. Players from your old table won’t know you quick folded until your turn actually comes up.

This new poker format is certainly not suited for people willing to observe and learn the opponent’s tactics and strategies. This won’t be possible since everyone is moving around from table to table all the time. Still, more and more players are drawn to play Full Tilt’s Rush Poker because it is fun and exciting!

The newest spectacle, Full Tilt Rush Poker, can be described as “Online poker on steroids”. Full Tilt Poker, being the second largest online poker site in the world might just get the chance to claim the number 1 rank after introducing the Rush Poker. Full Tilt has taken a risk by introducing this revolutionary poker concept, but it looks like it will pay off.

The leading reason of the Full Tilt Rush Poker popularity is the huge bump in how many hands a typical player can play per hour. More hands means more Full Tilt Points which are turned into various rewards. The main drawback connected to Rush Poker is the inability to get to know the opponents and their tactics. Players cannot effectively read opponents when these keep changing in a very short period of time. Despite this fact the majority of poker players enjoy this new form of poker playing, which can lead to a new level of playing poker online.

Where to play Rush Poker?

Rush Poker is exclusive to Full Tilt Poker.

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