Full Tilt Poker Invites Amateurs to Challenge durrrr

Full Tilt Poker players and Tom Dwan fans alike have been watching the online superstar slowly work his way through his first two 50,000-hand $1 million challenges against Patrik Antonius and Daniel Cates. Though the challenge has been in place since 2009, neither of Tom “durrrr” Dwan’s opponents have yet completed the required 50,000 hands. In fact, with no further action against Antonius since August of last year, many Durrrr Challenge spectators are speculating that that particular battle has been abandoned at just short of 40,000 hands.

It’s the perfect time to cue a new Dwan-oriented promotion, and Full Tilt Poker has done just that. Now amateurs that have long been wanting to take Dwan up on his challenge will have the chance…assuming they can survive the other three rounds of the new “Challenge durrrr” competition. Challenge 1 of the competition started yesterday, will run through March 13, and consists of a ring game gauntlet.

To continue on to Challenge 2, players must post one of the best qualifying 500-hand ring game runs on either the Low, Medium or High stakes leaderboards. The top 1000 players will continue on from the Low leaderboard, the top 750 from the Medium and 500 from High. The only reward at this stage in the competition is the money you win and a possible points multiplier.

Challenge 2 will consist of a series of freeroll tournaments that will pit the winners from each leaderboard against each other. The prize pools for these tournaments range from $15,000 to $45,000 depending on the players’ qualifying stake level. These freerolls kick off on March 19. The nine overall winners will proceed immediately from the freerolls to Challenge 3.

Having tested players’ ring game and tournament skills in the previous two challenges, Challenge 3 aims to test the remaining players’ multi-tabling skills as all nine finalists compete in four simultaneous Matrix Sit & Gos which offer an additional $25,000 in prize money. The top scorer from Challenge 3 will move beyond the other lowly amateurs to challenge durrrr himself in four more simultaneous Sit & Gos. Winning one SNG will earn the last man standing $10,000. Winning two increases the payout to $25,000. Taking three out of four SNGs is worth a cool $100k, and winning all four Sit & Gos will make the lucky durrrr challenger $1.5 million richer. The final leg of the Challenge durrrr promotion will conclude on March 27, leaving potential competitors very little time to get in on Challenge 1.

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