Full Tilt Tables Hot Despite Pending Prosecution

Full Tilt Poker might be experiencing a bit of a setback without its thousands of American members and some of its most notable sponsored pros, but that hasn’t stopped other high stakes players from continuing to enjoy the site’s notorious nosebleed tables. As we reported earlier in the week, the recent U.S. crackdown on online poker hasn’t stopped the European pros from making money. That trend continued last night with some pretty significant sessions courtesy of upandcomers like Ingenious89.

While U.S. pros contemplate a future of strictly live poker or a move to Canada or Europe, their overseas counterparts are raking it in at the high stakes games. We already touched on the epic face-off between Gus Hansen and Patrik Antonius, but news of big pots continues to roll in, and with a big holiday weekend ahead you can expect more of the same.

Over at PokerStars, Isildur1 has been dabbling at the middle stakes tables the last few days in lieu of some of his more profitable American competition at the PLO and NLHE nosebleeds, but his petty wins are nothing compared to the big haul that young Finnish pro Jens “Ingenious89” Kyllonen pulled off last night at Full Tilt Poker. Kyllonen powered his way through some pretty formidable competition, giving impotent American players a reason to log on and watch even if they couldn’t join in.

Kyllonen clocked one of the most impressive sessions of the year, taking an astonishing $861,000 off several competitors (but primarily skjervoy) over the course of 1134 hands exclusively at the $300/$600 PLO tables. In addition to fleecing Andreas “skjervoy” Torbergsen for several hundred thousand dollars, Kyllonen also picked small wins off of Hansen, Antonius, and online legends like DrugsOrMe. Kyllonen’s 2009 EPT Copenhagen victory might have seemed like a flash in the pan for live poker fans, but his performance last night is a clear example of the young Finn’s impressive skills.

It goes without saying that Kyllonen’s primary opponent, Andreas Torbergsen, had a night that was as despairingly bad as Kyllonen’s was good. In fact, Torbergsen may have had the worst Full Tilt session of 2018 to date, turning in a devastating $957,000 end of the night loss. Torbergsen may have been one of Norway’s leading online players last year, but last night’s tragically bad session singlehandedly makes him one of this year’s biggest losers. The next biggest loser of the night – Esvedra – looks petty by comparison with only $195,000 in losses. Meanwhile, DrugsOrMe managed to recover from his brief but painful encounter with Kyllonen to end the night $130,000 ahead.

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