A Hard Night for Tom Dwan

After giving an insightful interview late last month in which he admits he’s starting to prefer live poker, Tom Dwan punctuated the thought with nearly $1 million in losses last night at Full Tilt’s high stakes Omaha and Hold’em tables. The recipient of a large majority of that money was Full Tilt regular cadillac1944.

As PokerTableRatings will show, prior to his big face-off with Dwan cadillac1944 was really hurting with nearly half a million in losses for the year. A $600,000+ day in August gave him the momentum to hit a career high late in September only to plummet rapidly with an almost $400,000 loss on September 29. Though his statistics have not yet been updated to reflect his November 30 wins, it’s safe to say that he’s back in the black.

The action went down at Full Tilt’s oft-neglected $500/$1000 PL Omaha table. There was a lot of give and take before cadillac1944 agreed to run a close hand twice with a pot that, doubled up, was worth more than his deficit for the year. Both times cadillac1944 outdrew Dwan, putting him firmly in the lead for the session thus far. Dwan would lose two more big pots then rally, but ultimately he left the table well down. Adding insult to injury he also sustained small losses at a couple other tables before calling it a night.

Dwan’s nearly $1 million one-night losses come on the tails of a far more triumphant (albeit still modest) return to his Durrrr Challenge earlier this week. While he can’t be happy to take such a massive hit, especially at the hands of a virtual non-entity, his high stakes haul from Macau – reportedly up to $9 million – no doubt also puts him comfortably in the black for 2010.

There’s no telling where Dwan will pop up next, with rumors circulating that both the Macau high stakes games and the latest Durrrr Challenge will be picking up again soon. Dwan is also a perennial favorite on High Stakes Poker, the seventh season of which is set to start filming in Las Vegas again later this month.

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