UB Poker Alternatives : Workaround And Solutions 2018

Several players have contacted us over the past few days asking if it would be wise to try and find UB alternatives or replacement poker websites. It seems like many of you are now questioning if it is safe to gamble from the United States or whether or not you’re breaking any laws…the short, simple answer is that you’re still completely free to gamble at any website that accepts American players. Since it seems that many of our readers do not fully understand the implications behind the recent shutdown of Ultimate Bet, we’ve made this handy little guide to help you out.

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Below you will find the top three things to look for in a new poker website plus a few options that you should definitely avoid. We will also point out the best sites similar to Ultimate Bet as well to help you make an informed decision on the best UB alternatives out there.

1) Deposits are Key

UB, Full Tilt, Absolute, and PokerStars were all shut down for taking deposits directly from the bank accounts of US players. The internet gaming act that was passed in 2006 strictly forbid this type of transaction within the United States, so the question on each player’s mind should be, “Will the US target this online poker room next?”

The only way to be sure that the website you choose will be up and running well into the future is to choose poker rooms that do not accept direct deposit or bank transfers from US players. Now, that doesn’t mean that the website can not offer that option for residents of Europe or Asia, but if they’re taking bank drafts from Americans then eventually it will lead to problems. Players should actually call the poker room of choice and flat out ask if they can take a bank draft from US players…if they say yes then it’s time to run away.

For example, Sportsbook Poker has never accepted bank drafts from residents inside the US for this very reason. Although it would have been easy for them to set up bank accounts that did not show that they were taking gambling money like the others did, Sportsbook.com decided to take the high road and comply with all of the US regulations. Now that the big four are temporarily shut down, Sportsbook Poker is easily the biggest poker site on the net and an excellent UB alternative.

2) Remember Security

In the past twenty-four hours alone, over 200 websites have registered domain names that would lead visitors to believe that they are online poker rooms. The website owners made this move to capitalize on UB being shut down by the US government, and we all but guarantee that nine out of ten of these sites will be fraudulent in some manner. They will either lead to a phony poker room that was established in the past or they will claim to process UB deposits for existing players…please do not fall for any of these scams. UB is closed indefinitely and the best similar site to Ultimate Bet Poker will not be one that was created overnight.

To ensure that you are playing at a legitimate website, be sure that they have multiple affiliations with reputable gaming establishments around the globe. Players Only, for example, is certified by TST and the Offshore Gaming Commission of Antigua and Barbuda, so you know that multiple organizations are overseeing each and every hand to ensure that there are not any lapses in security. They are so strict, in fact, that hands are randomly audited if any player happens to go on a sudden win streak against their opponents; and all of this is done without the player’s knowledge at all.

If security is your main concern (and it definitely should be), then Players Only or Sportsbook Poker would be excellent choices as Ultimate Bet alternatives. Their staff actively reviews the hands played twenty-four hours per day and there is always a friendly customer service agent on hand in case any questions do arise. Since they are both in full compliance with US standards and rated extremely high in online security, these would definitely be our choice when it comes to similar sites to UB.

3) Beware of Deposit Gimmicks

Since you’re probably going to be searching for a solid UB replacement within the next couple of days, it is also a good idea to watch out for some of the scams posted out there in cyberspace. For example, we came across a website earlier today that offered players $100 cash at the poker room of their choice if they attended a “poker school;” this is an outright scam designed to get you to register at their website. MyPokerBasics will never present an offer to try and tempt you to give us your email address or any other personal information; beware of websites that do.

Likewise, many poker rooms are making some truly eye-catching offers to entice new players to consider them as an Ultimate Bet replacement. We’ve seen 400% deposit bonuses, a chance to win a free automobile, free vacations, and hundreds of other gimmicks…which is exactly what they turn out to be once you carefully read the fine print. In most cases, players have to play hundreds (or even thousands) of hands just to earn a single penny in bonus money at these websites.

If you’re searching for the best site similar to Ultimate Bet in terms of bonuses, you may want to give Lock Poker a try. They currently offer new players a 200% first-time deposit bonus that is very easy to turn into real money, plus they have numerous promotions available that allows you to win really impressive prizes through tournament play. Their Bad Beat Jackpot is also one of the better ones we’ve seen lately since it does not require both hands to be impossibly good, plus their loyalty program really makes you feel like a VIP from the very start. Lock Poker is definitely a solid UB alternative as well.

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