Toughest Poker Sites

You’ve probably seen plenty of reviews around the web that state what poker rooms are the easiest to win at or which ones give the largest overall deposit bonuses, but few people seem to talk about the places that you should avoid. There are several online poker websites out there that are just swarming with card sharks; these guys and gals could easily be on a professional circuit if they chose to. Instead, they’d rather sit at home and take thousands of dollars per day off unsuspecting players just like you and me, and unfortunately it’s all too easy to fall for their traps.

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The hardest Poker Rooms : Avoid these websites if you can in 2018

Now I know what you’re thinking…nobody is going to hustle you out of any money. It’s easy to think because we all think we have some solid skills when it comes to Texas Hold’em and the other popular poker games. The problem is that our reads are based on how other players react around us and the cards that we are dealt each hand; most of us would never even consider that someone would intentionally lose a $50 pot in order to sucker us in for several hundreds a few minutes later. It happens every day though at certain websites out there and I can personally attest to the hopeless, ridiculous feeling that you’ll have afterwards.

So, instead of focusing on where you should be playing in order to have the best chances at winning big money, let’s take a few minutes and look at the online poker sites that you should avoid at all costs. Each of the poker rooms listed below have a high concentration of card sharks that are almost certainly better than you on your best day…so hopefully you heed our advice.

#1 PartyPoker

You’d think that with all the cartoon icons and the silly screen names that PartyPoker would be filled with amateur players; and as of four or five years ago you were absolutely right. Back then I made thousands of dollars playing against idiots that would go all-in on just about anything, but over time it seems like a whole lot of people got the exact same idea.

Today, you’d be lucky to find a single table inside the Party Poker lobby that doesn’t have at least one professional caliber player sitting at it. It is so bad, in fact, that at many tables you will never even be able to see a flop without shelling out big money. The beauty of ultra aggressive play is that if you fold, they win. If you call, they back off the big bets to let you build confidence…so even when they lose a small pot, they’ve set you up for the fall that’s coming.

#2 PokerStars

PokerStars started off as a great place to wager online several years ago, but the problems started building up when they posted a series of articles that were to serve as a “poker school.” Before you knew it, 90% of the players would fold pre-flop with A/J offsuit because the “poker school” told them to, or they’d start betting wild in tournaments whenever they had less than 18 big blinds in front of them. All of these alleged “rules for playing poker” made most of the PokerStars players easily predictable.

Of course, once the free-for-all started by players who were smart enough to study their poker tutorials and adjust their strategy to beat it, the original players didn’t have a chance. Then the real professionals started showing up and mimicked the tutorial play until it really mattered, only to hustle the sharks out of serious money. So in essence, almost everyone at PokerStars is there to hustle someone else…avoid this website like the plague.

#3 Full Tilt Poker

Full Tilt Poker has the exact opposite problem that PartyPoker and PokerStars does; instead of ultra aggressive players you’ll find an even more dangerous type of shark. There are tons of highly skilled players that are sitting back and slow-playing hands in order to sucker you in on that attractive looking flush; and once you bet big their re-raise is going to feel like a gift from above. That is…of course…until they take the pot with their full house.

Full Tilt does still have a large player base so it’s entirely possible to find a table to make money at, but at the same time there are also a number of better options available to most regions (Sportsbook Poker, Players Only, Ultimate Bet, etc). If you decide to play here against our advice, then at least go in there ready to play conservative so you’ll have plenty of time to spot the pros at work. Any other strategy is literally suicide at Full Tilt Poker…don’t say that we didn’t warn you.

#4 Lock Poker

Lock Poker is one of the newer poker rooms on the internet and they made a glaring mistake right off the bat…they said that their website has built-in shark technology to warn players of really good players. Not only is such an application almost impossible to make, but even if it did work you’d rarely see the actual sharks making the list of skilled players. Here’s why-

The tracking system at Lock Poker looks at the overall amount of hands won, which has nothing to do with winning money on a poker website. Skilled players consistently fold weak hands and they rarely go too deep with promising starts if the outcome is even a little bit questionable. What the Lock Poker system detects is the idiots who play every hand and manage to win one out of three…these are the people you want to be betting against. The sharks, however, remain perfectly hidden and ready to take your money.

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