Non Rigged & Fair Online Poker – What Are the Fairest Poker Sites?

Below are the fairest and most reputable poker sites of 2018. Click a room to start playing !

Recommended Poker Sites November 2023

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The History of Corrupt Casinos

Believe it or not, there are over 90,000 websites where you can go and enjoy a game or two of poker. Well, “enjoy” may be an overstatement actually, because 95% of those sites just mentioned are designed for the owner to commit some type of fraud. Maybe the casino is rigged with ridiculous odds, or maybe there’s not a poker room to wager in at all; but in most of these cases you’ll simply have your money taken from you. Of the remaining 4,500 websites on the internet, the vast majority of them offer “free” tables where actual money is not wagered. That leaves about 100 legitimate websites that offers fair poker games without any type of hidden odds or hassles

Of course, you do not have to be a historian to know that poker houses have always sought ways to cheat their customers. You can look back a mere 100 years to find reputable brick and mortar casinos that would take a suspected cheater out into a back alley and beat him half to death; and most of the time that person was simply on a lucky streak. Sure, there was a fair share of patrons who found ways to hustle the casinos and make off with a small fortune, but that number would nowhere compare to the sheer amount of gambling establishments that have cheated their clientele. Hundreds of thousands of casinos have been shut down by various governments for rigging their games at opportune moments and the internet is clearly no exception.

In fact, just last year two illegal casinos were shut down in Moscow, a territory where gambling has been banned for about a year now. An investigation revealed that they were only allowed to exist in the first place because of a few corrupted police officers which were taking a large chunk of the profits. The British citizen who started these casinos (who has yet to be identified) was forced into nightly payouts to the police regardless of how much was won or lost, so you could only imagine how fair the gaming actually was inside.

Unfair Poker Rooms on the Net

This is not an isolated case either; thousands of similar casinos are shut down around the globe annually, with over 70% of them appearing in cyberspace. The problem with online gambling establishments is that a new poker room can be launched within hours of a corrupt one closing, and it may take months of research to discover that the new website is owned by the same criminal. In fact, since the corrupt poker room already has a large client list with email addresses and other personal information, they often do not lose even a single day’s worth of profits.

Ways that Poker Rooms Cheat

– The Virtual Casino
The most common internet scam when it comes to poker is a completely fictitious website; there is no “real money” casino there at all. The gaming room would be populated by thousands of “bots,” which are computer identities that are made to appear as if they were real people. Since there are only a handful of actual players there, the software intentionally allows them to consistently win hands…up until the point where they make their first deposit. From that point forward, the software would slowly drain the player’s bank account by giving him a series of “unbeatable hands” that end up being beaten.

– The Double Blinds

Other corrupt poker rooms allow the player to bet against other players inside a game that is legitimate, except that a portion of the pot mysteriously disappears at some point during each hand. It is common for online establishments to take a nominal ante each round to cover their expenses, but there casinos end up grabbing much more than their fair share.

-The Payout Con

This type of website would appear fully legitimate to the naked eye. There will be many players there enjoying the game, and everything goes well until it is time to cash out. Even though there is money in the account, these poker rooms will deny the withdrawal because the player has not met a certain quota on hands played or the amount bet. Be aware that legitimate websites never use these types of tactics; this is likely a scam.

– The Security Breach

Some casinos are 100% legitimate, but their security protocols make them an easy mark for cyber-crimes. Hackers will employ methods to bypass the site’s security in order to see the hidden hole cards at the table; increasing their odds of winning exponentially. In other cases, cyber-criminals will use security exploits to steal personal information like credit card numbers or other consumer information. While the criminal in these cases have nothing to do with the casino, it is the poker room’s fault for not taking security seriously.

What to Look for in a Legitimate Poker Website

As you can see by the above examples, there are a few important traits that every fair poker website should have-

– An affiliation with a certified gaming authority
– Set rakes for each hand
– Top gaming software on a secure server
– Excellent security that continuously looks for hackers
– An automatic hand review archive
– A fully secure deposit procedure
– A knowledgeable customer service team
– Plenty of contact information
– An easy withdrawal procedure

Of all these traits, the certification by a registered gaming authority is by far the most important aspect. This one simple fact means that the website is checked regularly to determine overall payouts, customer satisfaction, security protocols, and dozens of other services to ensure that the player will have a Vegas-like experience. It is also the hardest aspect for a website owner to fake, and as long as players verify that the casino is indeed a member then they should not experience any problems. The key is to pick up the telephone and physically call the casino and the gaming authority before ever depositing a penny…and be sure to ask plenty of questions as well. If they can not answer some or any of them; call the local authorities in the casino’s area and find a different online poker room to play at.

Some of the Most Reputable Fair Poker Websites

The following list is made up of websites that have been independently validated for having excellent pot rakes, solid customer service, and completely secure servers. This does not mean that they are the only safe websites to enjoy playing real money poker at, but they are all player favorites that have an excellent overall reputation within the industry.

Ultimate Bet Poker

Ultimate Bet has captured the attention of poker players worldwide with their exciting promotions and fast-paced play. UB has more freeroll tournaments and loyalty programs that most of the other casinos combined, and that is why players of all skill levels call this website home. Their state-of-the-art security ensures that every hand will be closely watched to ensure fairness, which allows each player to concentrate on having fun and strengthening their overall game.

Absolute Poker

Absolute Poker prides itself on never having a major security breach within their system, something that even the best of websites out there can’t honestly say. With an average of over 2,500 tables being utilized at any given minute throughout the day, this website has plenty of competition for rookie players and veterans alike. The customer service at Absolute Poker is what really makes them stand out though; because if any questions or problems ever arise, problems are handled in a professional yet courteous manner.

Sportsbook Poker

Sportsbook has been around since the early 1990’s and their spotless reputation literally speaks for itself. Protecting the rights of each player has always been one of their top concerns, which is why their software is constantly updated to ensure fair play and a secure gaming environment. Sportsbook is also independently verified by multiple agencies to ensure that high quality gaming is available 24/7, so you’ll never have to worry about fairness on this website.

Players Only Poker

Players Only Poker has some of the most unique bonuses and promotions in the business, including some truly massive tournaments that change people’s lives every week. Like the others on this list, their security is as tight as any banking institutions and they pride themselves on educating players to help them elevate their overall game. Players Only Poker is a great website for those looking for a safe, friendly poker room.

Bet 365 Poker

Bet 365 is another casino that has been setting standards on the internet since the beginning of online gaming. Their poker room has excellent graphics and a very simplistic interface that puts the player in control of how much statistical information they receive on every hand. Of course, with millions of previous winners it is safe to say that they are also trend-setters when it comes to customer service, excellent security, and loyalty rewards as well.

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