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One of the fastest growing poker formats is heads up, which is where you and one other player compete against each other. You can play heads up ring table games or you can play heads up tournaments with most poker rooms. You’ll be able to play poker vs. friends or against another real person from anywhere in the world. Heads up poker is a completely different monster then playing on a full table and it’s important that you learn how to play heads up before playing for too much money.

Poker vs. Friends

Playing poker vs. friends is beneficial for several reasons. The most important benefit of playing poker vs. friends is that most of your friends probably aren’t that good at poker. I typically always beat my friends in poker and I’ve used it as a way to build up my online poker bankroll. Once your friends become better poker players it may not be as beneficial to play against them in a heads up game, but until then you should try playing against them as much as possible.

One on One Poker

You can play heads up poker against thousands of people every single day from all over the world. It takes a few seconds to sit down on a one vs. one poker table and begin playing poker. You can find one on one poker games running 24/7 in the bigger poker rooms and the action never stops. Heads up poker is very fast paced and it doesn’t take long to lose a lot of money playing this format of poker. It’s important that you learn how to play heads-up poker before you start playing for limits that are too high.

Where Can I Play One on One Poker?

Whether you want to play poker vs. friends or against any other player from around the world, there are several great poker rooms out there. I personally play with Full Tilt Poker and UB, but Absolute Poker is also a great poker room to check out if you want to play heads up poker. All three of these poker rooms offer heads up ring table games and tournaments in all types of limits. You can wager as little as $1 in tournaments and all the way up to over $100+ if you have the bankroll to allow for variance. Make sure you use our bonus codes above to ensure you can get a head start on building your bankroll. Poker works in often volatile ways, but promotional codes are usually a good way to compound the variance.

One on One Poker Tips

When you play one on one poker it’s important that you throw out any strategy you use in single table games or multi-table tournaments because they don’t apply here. You need to be extremely aggressive against your opponent in a heads up poker game or else your opponent will run all over you. You also can’t be afraid to throw in the towel while playing one on one poker with your friends or other people, which means fold your hand when you think you’re beat.

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