Las Vegas Casinos Less Profitable Than Macau

For the past fifty years, Las Vegas has been the premiere destination for gamblers around the globe. High stakes games like blackjack, craps, and roulette do a lot more for gambling towns that offer fair odds, however, and there is also billions of dollars spent on everything from food to entertainment and clothing throughout the local area. Other key cities around the globe have noticed this trend in recent decades and many of them have tried to dethrone Sin City as the ultimate vacation town. Even though all of them have failed miserably in their efforts, the tiny island of Macau appears to be poised to make a push for the world gambling title.

Why the sudden surge in Macau?

So why is Macau suddenly so popular, you ask? Sure, they have the glitzy Vegas-like skyline that is synonymous with high stakes gambling in big cities and they also have dozens of top rate hotel/casinos as well. All of the secondary features are present as well; great nightlife, plenty of family activities, great food, and non-stop entertainment. Hundreds of cities across the globe can make these exact same claims, however, so what is it with Macau that makes them appear so special?

Location, Location, Location

Part of the sudden Macau craze is their actual geographic location; this small island is deadlocked between the eastern end of China and the South China Sea, which means that there will not be any competitors moving in next store anytime soon. Even though the Chinese culture invented playing cards and many forms of modern gambling, somewhere throughout the course of history they decided that they were fiercely opposed to their citizens placing wagers and all forms have been outlawed. That hasn’t done anything to curb the 1.3 billion citizens desire to gamble, however, which is why casinos have popped up all over China’s borers.

Firm Commitment

Some may find this hard to believe, but an estimated 70% of Macau’s taxation comes from the casino industry. They’re not trying to herd cattle, grow wheatgrass, or make textiles on this Oriental paradise; this is a tiny nation has decided long ago that their fate will rely solely on tourism and gambling to fuel the economy. Between the casinos, horse racing, and greyhounds, many experts feel that the draw of Easterners is even stronger than any casino in Las Vegas could ever hope for.

Looking Ahead

Just because Macau casinos are more lucrative than their Las Vegas counterparts does not mean that Sin City will be going anywhere in the near future. There is currently gambling in 48 of the 50 US states and Las Vegas still sees record numbers flocking to their town annually, and the island of Macau will do little to change that trend. As a matter of fact, Macau has been so busy advertising in the East that they’re not even worried about North America just yet…that will naturally come in time.

From a pure profit standpoint, Macau has already surpassed Las Vegas in many key areas. A large part of that comes from little serious competition along China’s eastern borders and the two billion residents they have to cater to. While Macau may never surpass Las Vegas in notoriety or fame, the world is definitely big enough for two Sin Cities.

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