More Rise And Fall For Isildur1

Isildur1 was the player to beat in 2009 and fared reasonably well through 2010 too, but since signing with PokerStars and revealing his true identity in January 2011, Viktor Blom has really struggled to remain consistent in the spotlight. His sponsoring site has been pushing him to play more live tournaments, and the results have been mixed. After losing his first SuperStar Showdown – the 2500 hand challenge specially designed to display his heads-up talent – it looked like Blom might have been a flash in the pan.

Fast forward just a month, and Blom is now 3-1 in the SuperStar Showdown. His most recent and most definitive win – against another rising star, Eugene Katchalov, nonetheless – muffled his critics, if only for a week. As of Monday night, though, Isildur1 seemed to be faltering yet again. It’s a story that has become all too familiar to the young Swede’s followers.

How’d it all go down? Blom started out strong, no doubt high on an upswing that’s earned him more than a quarter million so far this year. Isildur1 had a great start to the weekend, taking Ilari “Ziigmund” Sahamies for for more than $150,000. A large portion of those proceeds came from a single, earth-shattering $101,000 pot. The victory seemed like a good omen for Isildur1 who is gearing up for the fifth installment of his SuperStar Showdown this coming Sunday.

And then Blom was brought up short by an old foe. He’s played and soundly beaten Scott “urnotindangr” Palmer before – to the tune of $300,000 as recently as December. This time, though, things went dramatically different. When all was said and done, on Monday night Viktor Blom slunk from his favorite Omaha high stakes tables $175,000 poorer. It’s bad news for Isildur1 fans that are hoping for an outright slaughter of latest SuperStar challenger DodgyFish72. Let’s hope the heads-up master can rally in time to protect his positive record.

Meanwhile, certain other notable online pros were battling out over at Full Tilt Poker. In continuing with his meteoric return to power, Gus Hansen turned an easy $88,000 profit earlier in the week, roundabout the same time that Isildur1 was suffering. Unfortunately, Hansen was in for some suffering of his own when he came up against Phil “OMGClayAiken” Galfond Tuesday night. Galfond squeezed $134,000 out of Hansen before taking the money and running. To his credit, Hansen rallied that very night and has now inched over the $3 million profit mark for the first two months of 2018 alone.

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