Isildur1 Slaughters Daniel Negreanu In SuperStar Showdown

The results from Isildur1 and Daniel Negreanu’s first SuperStar Showdown clash are in, and while the match-up was exciting to say the least the results probably won’t surprise many poker fans. While Negreanu put up a respectable showing (for a pro that’s not accustomed to much heads-up action anyway), he nevertheless went down in flames after hanging on for the full 2500 hands. This latest victory not only brings Viktor Blom’s standing Showdown record up to an impressive 5-1, it also gives him some much-needed credibility when it comes to the overall clout of his challengers.

The SuperStar Showdown requires that challengers bring at least $150,000 to the table, but as previous bouts have shown the total bankroll very rarely comes into play. Tonight was a different story. The action started with Negreanu and Blom taking a seat at four different NLHE tables with a $10,000 stack at each. Blom was quick to assert his dominance, taking the first decent pot ($20,400) when he drew a flush on a pair of pocket 6s. Negreanu went into the hand with a KQ unsuited and paired on the flop but lost the hand when Blom nicked his third 6 on the river.

A hand like that could go either way, so at that point Negreanu probably wasn’t sweating it, but as the night wore on it looked like the lifetime earnings leader was not only out-skilled but also out-lucked as Isildur1 continued to outdraw him on one hand after another. Negreanu was down nearly $50,000 well before hitting the quarter completed mark, and Isildur1’s lead never once faltered. By the halfway mark, Blom had doubled his lead to over $100,000 and Negreanu had pulled out of the action at two of the four tables.

As many poker fans predicted, Negreanu didn’t even make it the full 2500 hands. Though he’d brought more than the required ammunition to this battle, it was clear to everyone that even with 1000 hands left in the challenge Negreanu wouldn’t be making a comeback. Ever the humble guy, he bowed out of this round of his SuperStar Showdown as soon as he’d lost his full $150,000 buy in (an event that went down on the 1439th hand).

While it had been announced that the Negreanu/Blom match-up would extend over several sessions, many spectators worried that Negreanu’s thorough defeat would discourage him from returning to heads-up competition. Other than the usual “good game” pleasantries, Negreanu made no indication in the PokerStars chat box that he would be taking Isildur1 on again as originally planned. Later tonight, though, the PokerKid once again showed that he’s got class (and balls) when he Tweeted that he would be “Back to the grind this week and a rematch with a fresh 150k next week.” So stay tuned for Round 2!

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