How to Play 5-Card Stud

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All of the “stud” poker card games you may have heard of or even played are derived from this game, which was the original stud game. The problem with 5 card stud is that each player gets dealt a total of 5 cards, where 4 of them will be face up. That means you don’t get to draw more cards, or pick the best 5 out of x cards. You’re stuck with what you get and that usually means that big hands aren’t that common. Also, since 80% of cards are exposed, it’s very easy for everyone to get a sense of how strong or how weak everyone is, thus reducing the importance of strategy. Having said that, this makes it the perfect stud game for anyone who’s fairly new at poker, or new to any of the stud game variations. So if you’re looking for an easy game to play before you move on to something more strategic, 5 card stud is your game.

Each player is dealt one card face down, and one card face up. Each player also pays a small ante to get a pot started. There are no community cards in this game; each player plays their own hand.

Betting in Five Card Stud

An initial betting round begins. The player with the highest face up card beings with a forced bet, called the “bring in”. Then, in a clockwise direction from the “bring in”, each player gets to act (call, raise, fold).

Subsequent Betting Rounds

After the initial betting round, all players get dealt one card face up, followed by a betting round. This process is repeated until players get dealt a total of 5 cards (1 face down, the rest face up). After the fifth card is dealt, the final betting round occurs, followed by the showdown where the winner is determined.

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