How to Play HORSE

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The HORSE poker game is simply a combination of other popular poker games where you alternate the game you play each time the dealer button goes around the table once. In HORSE (or H.O.R.S.E.), you start by playing a round of Texas Holdem, then a round of Omaha – Eights or Better (Hi/Lo), then RAZZ, then 7 card Stud, followed by 7 Cards Stud – Eights or better (Hi/Lo). See the rules for each game as they are all played separately and there’s no mix or strange combination of any of the games while you’re playing a hand.

H – Texas Holdem
O – Omaha – Eights or Better
S – Seven Card Stud
E – Seven Card Stud – Eights or Better

At a table with 10 seats, where the dealer button is placed at seat one, HORSE will start with a round of Texas Holdem. A total of 10 Texas Holdem hands will be dealt, at which point the dealer button would have made one full rotation around the table.

When it comes back around to seat #1, the game changes to Omaha – Eights or Better. This games is played until the dealer button makes a full round again and when it’s back to seat #1, you play RAZZ.

Once another cycle is complete, the dealer button will have made it’s way back to seat #1 and the game changes to Seven Card Stud.

Finaly, once the dealer button makes another round, the last game played is Seven Card stud – Eights or Better. After this is done, we start from the begining with a game of Texas Holdem.

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