Big Sunday Tournament Wins at FTP and PokerStars

Isildur1 and urnotindangr’s four SuperStar Showdown tables weren’t the only ones making headlines last night. In fact, Scott Palmer’s hard-won $5,425 profit was nothing compared to what the top tournament players were pocketing. Over at Full Tilt Poker, the stage had been set a week ago when the site kicked off its popular Double Guarantees Week promotion, and that promotion concluded with several well-attended Triple Guarantees Big Money Sunday tournaments.

No doubt the main event at Full Tilt was the multi-entry $2,250,000 Guaranteed tournament which for one night only took the place of the usual $750,000 Guarantee event. The tournament’s relatively modest $200+$16 buy in plus its multi-entry option translated to some pretty significant entry numbers (more than 14,000 all together). That was enough to push the total prize pool past the $2.25 million guarantee and over $2.8 million. The prizes were so big that nearly half of the final table players agreed to make a four-handed deal, so in the end a full five of them left the event with a six-figure payout.

Sunday’s biggest winner – the last man standing in the aforementioned $2.25 Million Guarantee – was happymon32. His laudable performance earned him a premium on the four-handed deal, resulting in a very fat $353,769 paycheck. Also in on the deal was second place finisher Alex_Striker who probably didn’t feel too bad about leaving the table with $247,513.11. Third place finisher Pokerccini wasn’t far behind with his $239,966.19 prize, and the final player to get in on the deal – thed3ntist – earned $224,020.55 for his fine mediation skills.

Full Tilt’s regular Sunday Brawl also showed some pretty sizable numbers. Nearly 10,000 entries meant to the event meant a prize pool of just short of $2 million. For this event, another deal was struck, and this time it included the top five players. The fifth place finisher – Popp1987 – actually came out of that deal the richest with a $227,845.16 payout. Second place finisher Kroko-dill also had the second best payout of $216,418.11 while first place finisher SOLID_FUNDS sold themselves short by taking the third best prize of $211,500.95.

While PokerStars wasn’t offering any extra money for their big Sunday tournaments, their turnouts weren’t too shabby either. The ever-popular Sunday Million, for example, attracted a solid field of 8,613 players for a total prize pool of $1,722,600. No deals were struck at that event’s final table, making Rens02 the clear winner all around having taken both the title and the site’s top Sunday payout of $253,399.23.

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