Lucien Cohen and Jonathan Duhamel Are The Big Winners At EPT Deauville

The EPT Deauville’s Main Event was decided yesterday, and thanks to an impressive rally by Frenchman Lucien Cohen the championship title will stay in its home country. The win has garnered a lot of attention, not just because it’s a significant title, but because Cohen is an amateur in the true sense of the word. His Main Event win is his first major live tournament money finish to date.

What Cohen lacks in experience he definitely makes up for in personality, though. He’s already earned two nicknames. Some sources have taken to calling Cohen “The Exterminator” in honor of his day job in pest control while his fellow Deauville competitors frequently referred to him as “The Rat Man” because of the small plastic rat Cohen used to protect his cards throughout the tournament. If a pot got especially big, then Cohen would pull out an even bigger rat. It’s old school antics, and the Deauville audience was eating it up.

As we mentioned earlier, the Main Event prize pool was considerable – €4,276,800 to be exact. Cohen’s portion of that pile was €880,000 (approximately $1.1 million). Here’s how the whole final table played out and paid out in order of placing:

Lucien Cohen – €880,000

Martin Jacobsen – €560,000

Alex Wice – €330,000

Julien Claudepierre – €260,000

Kaspars Renga – €200,000

Kenny Hallaert – €155,000

Anthony Hnatow – €110,000

Ruslan Prydyrk – €66,800

In other news from EPT Deauville, and on the other end of the player spectrum, 2010 WSOP Main Event Champion Jonathan Duhamel took down another title in the $10,000 High Roller event. A lot of pros have a hard time living up to the expectations that come with winning the biggest title in live poker. Duhamel certainly isn’t immune to the pressure; he’s failed to post a live tournament cash since finishing first at the most important final table in the world…until now of course.

Duhamel has been trying hard to prove he’s worthy of his title, but several times over the last few months – at more than one PokerStars Caribbean Adventure event and at the EPT Deauville Main Event over the weekend – Duhamel has hit the rail well out of the money. Not only did Duhamel finally post another cash, but he dominated. For his High Roller efforts, Duhamel will take €203,232 (a little more than $275,000) back to Canada. Duhamel admitted that the payout was nice, but went on to say that winning big again was even better.

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