PPA Plans National Poker Lobbying Day

Anyone familiar with the Poker Players Alliance knew that it was just a matter of time before the organization took action regarding the Black Friday proceedings. Sure enough, on Thursday the PPA sent a mass mailing to its membership announcing that they have planned an “emergency fly-in” to Washington, D.C., on May 24 2011. Shortly following this mailing, the PPA issued a modified press release in which they expanded “National Poker Lobbying Day” to include both May 23 and 24.

What will the PPA fly-in (currently being called National Poker Lobbying Day) entail? On the PPA’s side, approximately 30 of their appointed State Directors will meet with their corresponding Congressmen to encourage the consideration and eventual passage of new online poker legislation. Ideally the new legislation would not only officially legalize online poker in the United States but that would also allow the country to license and regulate its own poker sites.

Alliance members that do not currently hold an office are also being encouraged to travel to D.C. to defend the game, and the PPA is working hard to arrange last-minute meetings between those members and federal lawmakers as well. If you are interested in participating in the D.C. lobbying activities, then you can find all the information you need on how to arrange a meeting here.

PPA members and other concerned poker supporters that cannot make it to Washington, D.C. this month are encouraged to carry on the battle in their home states. To do so, the PPA is suggesting that you contact your closest district office and request a meeting with any available legislator or delegate. If asked what you are requesting a meeting about, the PPA has instructed members to be honest about their interest in legalizing online poker and also to specifically reference federal proposal HR 1174.

The PPA is stressing that diligence is important in securing a meeting with a legislator. Not only are concerned members encouraged to call the appropriate offices, they are also being instructed to email or fax requests wherever possible and to call frequently to show the seriousness of your request. Should you be successful in arranging such a meeting, the Alliance is asking that all such members report the details of their meeting to the following email address: dcflyin@theppa.org.

Whether or not losing one of their greatest allies – Wynn Resorts – immediately prior to this announcement will hurt the PPA’s influence on Capitol Hill has yet to be seen. If you are heading to D.C., plan to lobby in your own region, or are just curious about what’s going to go down on National Poker Lobbying Day, keep checking the PPA site for updates, as they are expected to post further details about arranged meetings as well as talking points for their grassroots poker supporters.

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