6 Reasons That Women Are Better Gamblers

I hate to say it fellas, but even with all of our gambling knowledge, stern poker faces, and betting strategies, we are still no match for the ladies when it comes to casino gambling. We know that this probably comes as quite a shock to many of you and it may have put a small dent in your ego, but female gamblers simply have a few game-changing traits that we can not compete with once we hit the tables. Here are the top six reasons that women make better gamblers than men-

1# Female Gamblers are Charming

Female gamblers often do better than their male counter-parts simply because they know how to work a room. It may seem silly, but I’ve actually found myself rooting for good looking females at the poker tables even when they were an opponent, and I often hesitate to eliminate them from a competition for the exact same reason. That’s not even getting into the special perks and comps they get from pit bosses and customer service.

2# Female Gamblers are Often Pure Players

We all know not to double down in blackjack when the dealer is showing an 8-A, but I bet there’s not a single male reading this article that hasn’t done it at some point or another. Females, on the other hand, are usually much better at playing any casino game almost exactly by the strategy that they were taught, which gives them anywhere from a 2% to a 10% advantage in most gaming situations.

#3 Female Gamblers are Harder to Bluff

One of man’s primary functions on this Earth is to impress women with our ability to be a provider; it’s hard-wired in our DNA and no getting around it. When we end up in a head’s up situation inside a casino against women, one side of our brains tells us to humiliate them and the other part says to ask for their phone number. Since women have the uncanny ability to see through all of our macho stuff, they literally spend their whole lives practicing on calling our bluff.

#4 Female Gamblers are Much Better Bluffers

Let’s turn that conversation around for a moment and look at it another way; men spend their entire lives trying to figure out what the heck women are thinking about. One minute they’re happy and the next they’re mad at us, but for some reason we can’t seem to remember a single important thing that happened to cause the sudden change. Maybe we’re just stupid around women, but they bluff the heck out of us at almost any casino game.

#5 Female Gamblers are More Patient

The biggest difference between men and women when it comes to gambling is that women are far more patient in almost any type of scenario inside the casino. It really doesn’t matter if it’s waiting for a strong starting hand in poker or playing a precise betting strategy in roulette; they always seem to wait for the right time to make their moves. When the dice (or the deck) turns cold on men, we bet more trying to compensate for the previous losses, but women usually hold the same pace and wait for the play to return to their favor.

#6 Women Know When to Walk Away

The final point is one that we should actually learn from the ladies in our lives; they know when to call it quits inside a casino. To give a quick example, I was playing roulette the other day when a gorgeous blonde walks up to the table and cashes in. We chatted for a moment while we were waiting for her stack, and she told me that she had driven almost two hours straight to gamble since she needed a quick $3,000 for bills.

When it was time to bet, she placed $100 on black and another $100 on 17, and what do you know; the very first round was black 17. The blonde jumped up and down a few times, smiled at everyone, then turned to me and said goodbye. I then watched in disbelief as she headed straight over to the cashier, collected her $3,600 in winnings, and went right out the door to the parking lot. At first I thought she was an idiot, but after thinking about it I think she’s probably the smartest gambler that I’ve ever met.

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