Best Credit Card Poker Casinos 2018

Credit Cards are still a preferred deposit method for millions of poker players online. Poker sites typically have volatile acceptance rates, depending on player location (USA for example), the brand they are using (Visa, MasterCard, Amex), and the type of card (prepaid, debit, gift card). Dozens of casino and poker websites claim to accept credit cards in 2018… Our staff at has challenged these claims by depositing at their various networks. We are now ready to share the best credit card poker sites and casino sites with the lowest percentage of rejected deposits.

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Update: Many players within the United States have recently expressed some frustrations with many of the laws that have been passed at the state and federal levels concerning internet gambling. It does not seem fair that a consumer can hop online and purchase just about anything from China, Korea, or Brazil without any problems whatsoever; yet when a player wants to gamble, here comes the state with all kinds of ridiculous legislation. To make matters even worse, many of these areas have outlawed brick and mortar casinos and video poker games…yet they have never muttered a word about their own state lotteries that bring in billions of dollars in revenue each year. Credit card casino sites have been having increasing difficulties to accept USA player funds.

Run Down On Depositing in 2018

To be honest, that’s what it all comes down to; many states simply can not stand the thought that grown adults are wagering money in cyberspace without giving them a fair cut. That’s a big reason why Congress is considering a ban of the Safe Port Act (also known as the Unlawful Internet Gaming Enforcement Act) that limited the way financial institutions could handle money between consumers and online poker sites, but you’d better believe that they’re not doing it with your best interests in mind. If they can make online poker 100% legal within the United States and figure out a way to rake in those tax dollars, then that’s exactly what they intend to do.

In fact, in 2004 a website called Casino City sued the Department of Justice with claims that they were ignoring the First Amendment of the Constitution. This case went all the way to the US Court of Appeals before finally being dismissed, and it basically sent a message to other online casinos that they were not appreciated within the United States.

The Court districts conclusion was:

Because plaintiff’s speech concerns misleading information and illegal activities, it does not fall within the speech that is protected by the First Amendment.


That’s why so many poker rooms come up with so many innovative advertising gimmicks; you’ll never see an advertisement for an actual real money poker room on television, the radio, or a newspaper. Despite the US government’s best efforts to convince poker fans not to wager online with their money, there is still not a single bit of federal legislation that makes such an act illegal.

States that Place Limitations on Online Gambling

For now, it is still legal to place online wagers in the majority of the US. There are laws that prohibit some aspects of online gambling in the following states:

  • Illinois
  • Indiana
  • Michigan
  • New Jersey
  • New York
  • Oregon
  • South Dakota
  • Wisconsin
  • Nevada

This does not necessarily mean that it is 100% against the law, but anyone interested in testing their luck within an online poker room should definitely research the legalities a little bit further by clicking the above links.Louisiana and Washington actually take their legislation a step further and make playing in a real-money online poker room a felony, so if you live in one of those states then you’re pretty much out of luck for now.

Everyone else is free to register with virtual casinos and gamble for whatever stakes they feel comfortable with, but the UIGEA still makes this process a little bit more difficult for US players. Since direct deposits and transfers are blocked under this legislation, players are forced to work around the law by using various bank cards to make successful deposits. Money orders and wire transfers work in many situations as well.

Popular Card Deposits

Debit cards can often appear to be a tricky matter with online casino deposits, mainly because they are issued from banks and credit unions. If this institution were located within the United States, then they would be expected to deny this transaction under the UIGEA law. This is why the vast majority of debit card transactions are denied; most US residents bank with US companies. However, the Visa and MasterCard logos are essentially considered a worldwide currency, so they can often bypass these laws completely.


Visa currently has a much higher overall acceptance rate within almost any worldwide casino. They have headquarters located on just about every continent on the planet, and since they deal with so many financial institutions around the world it would be almost impossible to regulate which transactions fell under the UIGEA. In most cases, their acceptance rates can reach as high as 90% on many online poker websites and the transactions can clear in as little as a few hours. Lock Poker currently has the highest approval rate when it comes to Visa transactions for online poker players, while several other notable casinos are also listed below.


MasterCard, one the other hand, is much more of a hit or miss type of scenario. Some websites manage to have excellent approval rates that are similar to Visa’s, while others have a number of issues during the approval process. Most websites can eventually gain an approval by manually calling MasterCard and dealing with their customer service, but in these cases this service can require up to 72 hours or even longer. Factors that would come into play are the casino’s physical location, the financial institution’s region, and how busy that particular casino is processing payments. Bet365 has excellent approval rates with MasterCard and they can often receive confirmation within hours.

Discover, Amex etc..

Other types of payment cards are generally not accepted by the gaming industry simply due to the excessive transaction fees and approval times. While these factors have nothing to do with the casino, the approval process can often reflect negatively on them so it is easier simply to not accept these types of deposit options. Rushmore, Cherry Red, and Slots Oasis are the sole exceptions within the United States, and each of these websites has excellent customer reviews when it comes to the overall approval process of these cards.

An alternate method to bypassing cards with lower approval rates would be to purchase a prepaid Visa or MasterCard from a local convenience store. There is normally no fee involved with making this purchase, yet it gives the player a number of additional benefits while gambling online. Not only can they place wagers anonymously in order to avoid territorial complications, but they can also pre-set their overall spending limit to enhance responsible gambling.

Best Credit Card Poker Websites

Overall, there are about a dozen websites that have great approval rates when it comes to Visa and MasterCard, and the ones listed below have little problem with either bank card. They are also ranked according to security enhancements, the overall layout within their poker room, and customer satisfaction rates.

Lock Poker

Lock Poker was one of the first casinos within the industry to make a strong virtual presence back in the early 1990’s, and their approval rate has been among the best on the net ever since. They accept both Visa and MasterCard through their website, but if any problems are experienced then they can also be contacted directly over the telephone. Their large staff allows them to contact the bank card issuers much faster than other websites, which often saves the consumer a day or more in getting into the game.


Bet365 also has very good approval rates on both Visa and MasterCard. This website was designed from top to bottom with the player in mind, and their interface makes it easy to contact customer service in a live chat panel whenever a need arises. Although it is rarely necessary, Bet365 gives more options to secure debit card approvals than anyone.

Rushmore Online

Rushmore is another website that somehow magically gains high approval rates for players throughout the United States. In many cases they can receive confirmation faster than anyone else on the net, which is all that really matters since it ultimately gets you at the poker tables faster. The only reason that they are not ranked in the number one slot is because a handful of sites have higher overall acceptance rates; it has nothing to do with the quality of play or the overall experience.

When it comes to debit card deposits to online poker sites, there are tons of options and pretty much every poker site worth it’s salt will allow you to use some form of bank card to deposit. However, the issuing companies aren’t always compliant, given the current state of online poker with the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act that was passed in 2006. The regulations were drafted later and didn’t go into effect until 2008 with a final compliance date in December of 2009. Therefore, over the last two years, many card issuers and processors began declining online poker deposits as a result. While some only targeted United States transactions, others made sweeping global moves to simplify the procedures needed, shutting out the online gambling economy.

Credit Cards Are The Easiest Way To Deposit

Even with that said, when you can simply use a debit card, it’s by far the easiest way to deposit to a site. You don’t have to worry about the extra time it takes an e-check to clear or the intermediary that comes with an online wallet. Most credit cards also have added layers of security and customer protection, such as the ability to dispute a fraudulent transaction, which can provide added peace of mind when making large transactions online.

Party Poker is one of the best sites when it comes to payment cards, accepting Visa, Visa Electron, Maestro and MasterCard. One of the largest sites with a long track record of success, Party Poker has built strong relationships throughout the industry. By pulling out of the online gambling market in the United States of America quickly after the passing of the UIGEA, Party Poker was able to avoid being shut out by credit card companies. Still, that’s little consolation to American customers.

While it’s impossible to guarantee that all of the above card issuers will not decline transactions based upon the nature of the merchant accepting the deposit, it’s still a good starting point to find a debit card deposit option that works for you.

A Prepaid Card Represents An Added Layer Of Security

If you are worried about the security of your credit card number, prepaid cards offer a great additional layer of security since you can only lose the amount of money that you deposited.  In the current economic and credit climate, in which it can be hard to be issued a card with a significant line of credit and reasonable interest rates, prepaid cards are an increasingly popular option. Even those who can not qualify for a credit card want to have the convenience of paying with a prepaid debit card.

Almost every site accepts some form of prepaid Visas or Mastercards, including Party Poker, which also takes EntroPay.  EntroPay is a branded, prepaid online Visa card which was created and is headquartered in London.

EntroPay is the most widely accepted prepaid card among poker rooms, as Ultimate Bet Poker, Absolute Poker and Bet365 all accept the card as well.  Ultimate Bet and Absolute also take PostePay, which is an Italian pre-paid card.

The only drawback of a prepaid card is the extra fee you pay up front when you load it, so keep that in mind.  Once the card is loaded, it functions like any other card as far as online poker sites go and can keep your personal information secure.

Keep in mind that if the card functions as a Visa or MasterCard, you may encounter issues in depositing to online gambling sites as a result of the current online gambling landscape.  Since the enforcement of the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act regulations was required to begin on December 1, 2008, many card companies simply decline all online gambling transactions.  That will include prepaid cards, so you may want to test the functionality with a smaller amount before you load the card up with your full deposit. We list the best credit card poker sites for this purpose on top.

Granted, you will not lose any money if the deposit is declined.  However, you will have the money stuck on the card until you decide how you would like to spend it.  Nevertheless, once you have tested the prepaid card, it can be a great deposit option offering the convenience of credit cards with some extra safety and security in addition to the open access, regardless of your credit score. In any case, nothing beats a successful deposit at a credit card casino site. It’s much cleaner than using a third party e-wallet solution.

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