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Solo debit card users that want to enjoy their favorite casino games online don’t have to worry about not having a credit card. That’s because a significant portion of online casinos are happy to accept Solo cards as a depositing method. There are a number of advantages to using your Solo card to make casino deposits, but if you’re not comfortable using your card online or can’t use it at the casino of your choice, then you have other options too.

What is a Solo card?

Solo cards are debit cards. They are very similar to the Maestro card that is issued by the same company, except Solo cards aren’t backed by MasterCard and can’t be overdrafted. These debit cards are an alternative funding option for account holders that don’t qualify for the regular Maestro card. Solo cards are available exclusively in the UK but are accepted as Maestro cards in other countries.

Which online casinos accept Solo debit?

Among online casinos that accept Solo debit cards, Bet365 offers you one of the best options. That’s because players using their Solo card to deposit to such an online casino will also have access to other entertainment opportunities like live poker, a sportsbook, bingo and even cash enhanced board games like Monopoly. Solo cards are also accepted at a majority of the Microgaming powered casinos.

What are the pros of depositing to a casino with a Solo debit card?

Debit card and credit card deposits are some of the only depositing methods online casinos offer that don’t have an attached processing fee. They’re also pretty much the only depositing method with which you’ll have instant access to your transferred funds.

Depositing with a Solo card won’t prevent you from taking advantage of a casino’s sign-up and deposit bonuses, though you probably won’t be eligible for the special preferred method matches. Using a Solo debit card that you already have also eliminates another step in the sign-up process – that is, signing up for yet another account at a third party service like Moneybookers or Neteller. As a Solo card user, you’ll also be privy to added personal security features like theft protection.

What are the cons of depositing to a casino with a Solo debit card?

While a number of the more popular online casinos accept debit card deposits, just as many still don’t. In fact, because Solo card transactions have to be approved by the issuing bank, there are more complications with using this card than there are with using credit cards.

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