How to Play Follow the Queen

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Follow the Queen, also known as “HO” is played exactly like Seven Card Stud except that some cards may be come wild cards. Queens always count as wild cards, but there could be additional wild cards.

Whenever a Queen is dealt face up, the next card that is dealt face up becomes a wild card. Additionally, all cards that share the rank of the current wild cards are also treated as wild cards.

Later on, if another Queen is dealt face up, the next card dealt up replaces the previous wild as the new wild. If the suit of the new wild card changes, this becomes the new wild suit. It is therefore possible that cards that were wild at one point are no longer wild cards at a later point.

If a queen is the last card dealt up, then no card is wild. And if no queen is dealt face up, then all the hands are mucked, and dealt again to the players that did not fold in the previous round.

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