Australia Online Gambling 2018

Here’s an interesting statistic for you- per capita, Australia has by far the most obsessed gamblers in the world. In 2018, over 80% of their entire population has placed at least one wager at a casino or sports betting establishment, and that’s not even counting the wagers that were placed online. Since we doubt that young children are stepping up to the craps table to wager, the statistic means just about every single adult in Australia has a passion for gambling. It sort of makes you wonder why online gambling is illegal there, doesn’t it?

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Australia Gambling Laws for Online Casinos

Well, let’s back up a moment here, because there are plenty of online casinos out there in 2018 that accept Australian players. Now, that goes completely, 100% against the regional laws in Australia so the online casinos can be prosecuted if they accept Australian citizens as members, but at the same time we’re not quite sure what that means. Sure, it’s possible that Australian authorities could head on over to the tiny island of Antigua to arrest one of those online gaming powerhouses, but then again it is not very likely either.

Another thing that we find particularly amusing is that online sportsbooks are not illegal in Australia. You are free to check out Bet365 for the best sports betting on the planet and this is in full compliance with regional laws…even though your account is also tied in to one of the top poker rooms and online casinos around. Honestly, the Australian 2018 online casinos laws are about the silliest thing we’ve seen this year, simply because they are almost impossible to enforce and they’re packed with loopholes.

Australian Gaming Laws for Citizens

Besides, there is absolutely no law in Australia (as of June 2011) that states it is a crime for an Australian citizen to gamble online. If this is your country of origin then you’re allowed to gamble anywhere in cyberspace where an online casino will accept you; the gaming establishment accepts 100% of the burden if authorities wish to try and prosecute the case. In essence, your country does not want you to gamble online because it takes money away from your local casinos…and that’s where a large portion of their tax revenue comes from since you can’t seem to stop wagering on things.

Australian Online Casinos

So which online casinos are still accepting Australians in 2018? Well, under your laws it would be illegal for us to divulge this information. Even though nothing may happen from us breaking those statutes, we always try our best to adhere to the wishes of regional governments regardless of the punishment involved. In this case, we simply can not give you a recommendation without putting our livelihood in jeopardy.

Then again, you are visiting a website that specializes in ranking the top online casinos, poker rooms, and sportsbooks in the world. While our rankings on this page are solely for readers that are located in areas where online gambling is 100% legal in 2018, they also accept new members from just about every territory in the world. While we can not outright say whether or not they’re accepting Australian gamblers, it is certainly not something that we’d be willing to bet against in this situation.

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